Our Quality Control

Quality always matters most. At Sunland we follow a strict quality policy to meet international standards. We firmly believed in quality testing on all our production stage , we follow certain guidelines before we shipped all our products.

  1. CONFIRMATION: Before the process of ordering.We show photo sample of the products, or you may request the actual stone produced. We communicate on the sizes of the granite, either plus/minus .1 to let the customer know the maximum or the minimum tolerance of its parameters.
  2. COMMUNICATE: Our LOGISTICS and PURCHASING team work hand in hand to the concerned FACTORY staff to assure the quality and measurement were strictly followed.
  3. MONITOR : As the production starts , teams on the production site, strictly monitor with the different stages of production. It starts with the sample being produced. if the sample taken pass the quality standard,the trained staff are advised to do the same machine with the same calibration to produced the desired tolerance. Inspection reports are always ready for document purposes.

We aim timely delivering the intact product in perfectly packed condition with desired quality.